Selling used books can be a great way to declutter and earn some extra cash. With so many online marketplaces available, you have options when it comes to finding the right fit for selling your books. Here are 8 of the best places to sell books online.

8 Best Places to Sell Books Online [Earn Money Online]

Selling used books online opens up opportunities beyond just local buyers. You can access a global marketplace of book lovers and collectors looking for interesting titles.

However, with many options available, it helps to understand the pros and cons of the top bookselling platforms to find the right home for your books. Read on for 8 recommendations of the best places to sell books online.

Best Places to Sell Books Online
Best Places to Sell Books Online

Amazon Marketplace

As the largest online retailer, it comes as no surprise that Amazon offers a popular book marketplace. Amazon provides access to millions of buyers, many of whom appreciate buying used books at reduced prices.

Pros of Selling on Amazon

  • Huge reach to millions of buyers
  • High sales volume potential
  • Amazon handles storage, shipping, and customer service

Cons of Selling on Amazon

  • Competitive fees of around 15% per sale
  • Must follow Amazon’s selling rules and performance metrics


Specializing in rare, antique, and academic books, AbeBooks connects sellers to enthusiastic niche communities. Their global reach spans book lovers in over 150 countries.

Pros of Selling on AbeBooks

  • Caters to rare and specialty book markets
  • Lower fees starting at just 5%
  • Owned by Amazon, so large buyer base

Cons of Selling on AbeBooks

  • Less volume than Amazon for common used books
  • International shipping can be expensive

Barnes & Noble Marketplace

The bookseller giant Barnes & Noble features its own Marketplace for used books. Millions of B&N customers can easily discover your listings.

Pros of Selling on Barnes & Noble

  • Established brand recognition
  • Lower fees of just 15%
  • Easy integration if you have a seller account

Cons of Selling on Barnes & Noble

  • Lower site traffic than Amazon
  • Primarily US-focused customer base


Biblio provides an online marketplace for independent bookstores to list rare, antique, and collectible books. As a seller, you get access to these niche buyers.

Pros of Selling on Biblio

  • Specialized inventory attracts serious buyers
  • Low fees starting at just 6%
  • Spotlights your rare finds

Cons of Selling on Biblio

  • Lesser known site means smaller reach
  • Manual process for adding book details

Better World Books

Better World Books sells new and used books online while donating a portion of profits to literacy charities around the world.

Pros of Selling on Better World Books

  • Appealing mission draws ethical buyers
  • Free shipping and no listing fees
  • Handles storage and fulfillment

Cons of Selling on Better World Books

  • Lower commission at just 15% of sale price
  • Must meet minimum number of books


Focusing on bargain book prices, ThriftBooks provides an easy way to sell your used books while contributing to the reuse economy.

Pros of Selling on ThriftBooks

  • Highlights eco-friendly benefits of buying used
  • Free shipping labels provided
  • Minimal work required by you

Cons of Selling on ThriftBooks

  • Caters to bargain hunters, not collectors
  • Lower commissions around 10%

Powell’s Books

The renowned independent bookstore Powell’s Books allows sellers to directly offer used books through their Powell’s Books Partner Program.

Pros of Selling to Powell’s Books

  • Established reputation for quality used books
  • Higher commission rates at 30%
  • Chance for staff picks and promotions

Cons of Selling to Powell’s Books

  • More labor intensive process
  • Only open to US sellers


As the name implies, TextbookRush specializes in college textbooks, attracting students seeking deals. They also buy and sell general used books.

Pros of Selling to TextbookRush

  • High demand niche for textbook sales
  • Free shipping and 60% commission
  • Quick payment processing

Cons of Selling to TextbookRush

  • Limited to textbooks and popular books
  • Focused solely on US market


FAQ 1: What are the main factors to consider when choosing a platform to sell books?
The key factors are the site’s fees and commission structure, the size of its customer base, whether it caters to general or niche interests, its shipping and fulfillment options, and any special requirements for sellers.

FAQ 2: Which site is best for selling textbooks and academic books?
TextbookRush specializes in buying and selling college textbooks, making it a top choice for unloading used academic books. Students can find great deals while sellers earn a 60% commission there.

FAQ 3: What if I want to sell rare or antique books?
AbeBooks and Biblio are two great options focused on making it easy to sell rare and antique books to niche collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

FAQ 4: Can I sell books internationally or just in certain countries?
Many sites like Amazon, AbeBooks, and Biblio allow you to sell books globally. Others like Barnes & Noble and Powell’s Books cater mainly to US-based customers. Check each marketplace for their international shipping options.

FAQ 5: Besides commission fees, what costs are involved in selling books online?
You may need to pay for shipping the books to the buyer, though some sites cover shipping costs. There may also be additional listing fees or account subscription fees depending on the platform. Compare overall costs when choosing where to sell your books.

Selling used books online opens up great possibilities to declutter, earn extra income, or even grow a business. With diverse options like Amazon, AbeBooks, Better World Books, and more, you can choose the Best Places to Sell Books Online marketplace that aligns with your goals and inventory. Compare commission rates, fees, and reach to select the best avenues for selling your used books.

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